This National Reunification Month, we celebrate Sarah Kingree as the Foster Family of the Month because she exemplifies the best of what it means to be a supportive foster parent during a birth family’s reunification.

Sarah’s first foster kids, after becoming a foster parent in 2019, came from a home in Southeast Missouri with no electricity, no toys, and very little knowledge of hygiene and dental care. As an experienced PCT, mother of three, and a brother working as a pediatrician, Sarah was ready to help her foster kids develop skills needed to thrive in life.

Sarah worked closely with the birth family along every step of the journey, including enrolling kids in First Steps to help with developmental delays and addressing serious dental concerns. The birth parents felt included in the process and were able to reunify with their children in only two months after Sarah took placement. The children’s birth mom told Sarah that she is now part of their family and has come to visit Sarah’s families multiple times since reunification.

We are grateful to the countless foster families like Sarah who put in the often unseen, yet critically important work of helping children and parents reunify into safe loving homes. A story like Sarah Kingree’s is what National Reunification Month is all about and is the goal of nearly every case in foster care.

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