Our Foster Care Advocacy Program Is Here to Help You

As a foster or adoptive parent, are you feeling stuck on a case? Have a question about the system? Wishing you had someone at the table on your side? Navigating the child welfare system as you try to serve the best interests of your child can be tricky and overwhelming. FosterAdopt Connect’s foster care advocacy program is here to help you.

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Your work parenting a child who has experienced abuse and neglect can be just as tough as it is rewarding. The Advocacy program connects you to foster parents who’ve been in the trenches of foster care and adoption to help address your specific concerns. We can help manage a crisis, but want to help before it reaches that stage. Our advocates listen, educate, and plan with you what steps you can take to get the answers and solutions you need so that you are freed up to give the best possible care to your child.

Call on the free support offered by those who've been in the trenches of the child welfare system. Our advocates have seen it all!

  • Placement stability
  • Securing an IEP
  • Newbie questions
  • Communication with the team
  • Finding the right resources
  • And a whole lot more

"So much support for Foster Children and Parents in one building. Wonderful people doing great things. Thank You."

~ Vivia

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Connect Classes

Fostering or kinship care should not be done in isolation. We are better parents as we embrace a community of like-minded people from which to draw inspiration, encouragement, ideas, and energy because burnout happens all too often.

Check out these in-person and online Connect Classes which connect you to other parents facing similar circumstances.

Connect Class - Love Crosses Lines Connect Class - Medical Parenting Connect Class - Rookies Connect Class - Singles Connect Class - Complex Trauma Connect Class - Thriving in Large Families