Behavioral Health Membership Program

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Medical Care for Kansas City Youth in Foster Care

In partnership with FosterAdopt Connect, developmental pediatrician Dr. Michele Kilo brings responsive medical care to Kansas City area youth who are currently in or were adopted from foster care. Services include developmental, behavioral, and mental health treatment. Dr. Kilo takes a holistic approach to care involving patients' medical and familial background, trauma history, and relationships with their foster or adoptive families.  Her process involves:

  • Diagnosis
  • School support
  • Learning and behavioral accommodations
  • Medication management
  • More as needed

Increased Access and Affordability

The Behavioral Health Membership Program is reasonably priced through a sliding scale based on taxable income (foster care and adoption subsidies excluded). While the membership itself does not accept insurance, prescriptions and other treatment administered by referral are compliant with patients’ normal insurance coverage. We’re excited to offer this opportunity to foster and adoptive families because it gives parents increased access and responsiveness to their children’s mental health provider. It also gives them the flexibility to bring all of their children to the doctor at the same time!

Monthly Membership Fees

The monthly membership fee is based on a family's taxable income. It does not include foster care or adoption subsidies.

  • Maximum total monthly family fee is $300.
  • 10% discount after the first child.
  • No cancellation fees.
  • Must notify FosterAdopt Connect in writing to cancel and avoid the next month's charge.
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Schedule an Appointment

Appointments are scheduled every Wednesday at our Independence office located at 18600 E 37 Terrace South, Independence, MO 64057.

Contact Jamie Hawkins to schedule at jamie.hawkins@fosteradopt.org. Be sure to ask about scheduling all children on one day!

Intake Form

To speed up the first appointment, please print and complete the new patient intake form for every child seeking care.