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Behavioral Intervention Provides Stability to Traumatized Foster Children

Abuse and neglect hurt children physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Children who experience trauma often need help addressing behaviors that threaten the physical safety and emotional well-being of themselves and their families. This can manifest in the forms of aggression, self-harm, and depression. Without the right support, children end up moving in and out of foster multiple homes and residential treatment centers without the safety and stability needed to heal from their past abuse and neglect.

Refer a Child to a Behavioral Interventionist

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in home behavior intervention
In-Home, One-On-One Help We believe that every child deserves to be cared for and supported in the context of a safe, loving family – even when stability and permanency is difficult to achieve. FosterAdopt Connect’s in-home Behavioral Interventionist (BI) program provides intensive one-on-one services to children who struggle with behavioral and emotional management.Behavioral Interventionists work with children on neuro-development activities that help to re-wire negative neuropathways in the brain. This modality helps to break the cycle of continually living in flight, fight, or freeze mode. Through role-modeling, coaching, and re-direction, our direct care staff help children self-regulate and develop independence in their daily living activities.

How Behavioral Intervention Makes a Difference

Before working with a Behavioral Interventionist, one 12-year-old boy was suicidal, homicidal, frequently ran away, and had been hospitalized over a dozen times. Because of the significant trauma he suffered as a young child, he required a 24/7 crisis line and on-call transportation to a secure location to calm down and avoid a stay in the hospital. Becoming emotional, his father shared with us that the providing of constant supervision to manage unpredictable extreme outbursts nearly dissolved his and his wife’s marriage. Thankfully, our Behavioral Interventionist program helped by beginning the healing process and drastically decreasing the boy’s most severe behaviors that previously led to hospitalizations. His family says that he is happy for the first time in his life. “Behavioral Interventionist services have changed the trajectory of the family,” they said. “Our whole world is different now.”