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Ways to Give


1. Cash, one-time gift

2. Cash pledge, over a three-year pledge period

3. Securities, including stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Click here for instructions regarding stock transfers.

4. Real property, including real estate, homes, business/commercial property. etc.

5. Trusts, including charitable remainder trusts, uni-trusts, family trusts, etc.

6. Insurance, as long as FosterAdopt Connect is both owner and beneficiary

7. Bequests, such as gifts received at death directed by a will or living trust

If you are interested in learning more about our giving options, please contact Courtney Ryan at courtney.ryan@fosteradopt.org


Thank you for your generosity! Your contribution helps:

Find loving forever homes for foster kids who have been waiting too long for comfort and stability

Connect kids who have aged out of foster care to positive and caring support systems

Kids with behavioral and mental health issues stay at home rather than be institutionalized.

Keep hope alive for kids who so desperately need to believe in tomorrow.

The MO Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) and tax benefits

The MO Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) is a state initiative that supports nonprofit organizations in their efforts to strengthen and revitalize communities. By making a donation to our FosterAdopt Connect, you can receive tax credits of up to 50% of your contribution, allowing you to reduce your state tax liability while directly contributing to the betterment of our community. It’s a win-win situation that empowers you to make a substantial difference without straining your finances.

In addition to providing children entering foster care in traumatic situations a safe Haven at Hope Children’s Home, your donation through the MO Neighborhood Assistance Program, assists us in improving the lives of at-risk children in our community through innovative programs and services that directly benefit foster families and children by encouraging evidence-based techniques and strategies for caregiving and by connecting families to a wide network of peers who can provide individualized support and advocacy.

The NAP process is simple, here’s how it works:

Donation: You make a contribution to FosterAdopt Connect for our NAP-approved project.

Tax Credits: In return for your donation, you receive tax credits equal to 50% of your contribution, directly reducing your state tax bill.

Claiming Credits: You can claim these tax credits over a period of five years, ensuring maximum benefit from your contribution.

Community Impact: Your donation helps us achieve our project goals, positively impacting the lives of children and families in our community.

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