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Become a Foster Child's Forever Family

Every kid deserves a happy childhood free of abuse and neglect. We work to connect children and youth with safe, loving, permanent families through adoption.

Before You Can Adopt...

If you wish to adopt a child in foster care, it is required by the state of Missouri to complete the Specialized Training, Assessment, Resources & Support (STARS) course, as well as a 12-hour Spaulding training course. These free courses can take 4-9 weeks to complete.

Children coming into care most frequently begin with the goal of reunifying with their biological parents and we believe that when safe and appropriate, this is the best first choice for children. Foster parents work to support reunification throughout the child’s time in foster care. If reunification is not possible, the case goal can change to adoption and foster parents can express interest in adopting the child.

adopt a missouri foster child with mother

Who is Available for Adoption?

The average age of a child in foster care is 9 years old and enters care with their siblings. While infants and toddlers are sometimes available for adoption, the majority of children in state custody are school age. If you are limited to adopting infants or toddlers, we recommend seeking out a private adoption agency.

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Learn More About Becoming a Foster Parent

Adopting a child in foster care is best achieved through becoming a foster parent first.

Meet the Children Waiting for Adoption

View profiles for the chilren we are currently trying to place with forever families through our Extreme Family Finding program.