Legal Representation for Children in Foster Care

We all make mistakes when we are young and learning to be self-sufficient. Thrust into the throes of adulthood with little support to fall back on, youth aging out of foster care sometimes need help as they're unwinding the consequences of uninformed or poor choices. FosterAdopt Connect’s legal advocacy team connects youth currently or formerly in foster care with attorney representation to aid with resolving minor legal issues.

Removing Legal Roadblocks

Legal issues, however slight, can become serious barriers to living a healthy and fulfilling life. Our legal advocacy team provides youth in foster care assistance with traffic violations, landlord/tenant concerns, and other minor criminal infractions.   Because these youth do not have the personal resources or parental support to help get them out of trouble, legal advocacy support is essential. Community members can donate or volunteer skilled time to support our young clients.
Portrait of a young African American male student going to a university

Why is Legal Advocacy Important?

After accumulating multiple traffic violations and losing her driver’s license, a young lady who had been in foster care graduated with an EMT certification, but found these traffic concerns a barrier to beginning her training as a firefighter. After finding support from our team, the young EMT had her license reinstated and was able to begin her training. Her traffic tickets were also waived and she is now one step closer to her dream of completing college and becoming a hand surgeon. This is just one example of how youth can fully pursue a brighter future when freed from the roadblocks caused by outstanding legal penalties.

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We Need Volunteers!

Our legal advocacy services are provided to youth with the help of professionals who are willing to volunteer their time.