Family Permanency

Bringing Stability to Foster and Adopted Children's Lives

Stability is key to healthy child development, especially for those who have suffered abuse and neglect. FosterAdopt Connect works to ensure that children are united with loving biological, relative/kinship, foster, and adoptive parents to begin the healing process through programs such as Extreme Recruitment ® , 30 Days to Family, Behavioral Interventionist, Kinship Navigator, and Rapid Reunification.

Family Permanency Services Provided by FosterAdopt Connect

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30 Days to Family ®

This fast-responding connects children to family or friends within the first 30 days of entering foster care.

Extreme Recruitment

Intense detective work and follow up connects children lingering in foster care or are considered “difficult to place” with extended family willing to adopt.

Behavioral Interventionist

In-home care with focused attention on a helping children heal and repair behavioral struggles keeps children in a loving homes rather than institutions or moving to new foster home.

Kinship Navigator

Find support navigating child welfare when thrust out of the role of grandparent or friend into parenting a child who has experienced trauma.

Rapid Reunification

Work to have your children return home faster after entering foster care with help fulfilling court mandated safety orders.