Family Support

family support for foster families

Our Family Foster Care Support Programs Help Children Thrive

Children thrive best in the context of loving families. FosterAdopt Connect equips families to provide loving, committed homes for foster and adopted children through family support programs like Direct Behavioral Health Care, Sammy’s Window Clothing Closet and Food Pantry, Licensing, Training, and Advocacy.

Family Support Services Provided by FosterAdopt Connect

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Sammy’s Window Clothing Closet

The free clothing closet for foster and adopted parents helps relieve the financial burden of caring for children who need stability and comfort.


Connect to helpful in-person or online training for all stages of foster care so we can continue providing the best care to children.


Maintain your foster license and receive help along the way from a team of dedicated resource development advocates.


Child welfare is fraught with difficulties for even the most experienced parents. Advocates have your back while working the system to provide the best care possible for your child.


Find additional resources to support you as you do the difficult work of parenting children who have experienced trauma.

Additional Family Support Resources

The Dean Family

David and Jayme Dean never planned to become foster parents. But they take their role of foster parents very seriously and consistently have the best interests of their foster daughter in mind.

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National Adoption Month: The Lewis Family

After 1,017 days, he will finally join our family. We know now exactly why nothing worked for us before. If any of our other attempts to start a family had worked, we wouldn’t have met our son. He was our son before he was born, and he will be ours long after we are gone. We would take all of the pain and heartbreak again in a second to find him. He is the answer to every prayer we have ever prayed.

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