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Youth Support

Launching Foster Children Toward a Lifetime of Success

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Children need a solid foundation to launch into adulthood with confidence and security. FosterAdopt Connect launches children toward a lifetime of success through programs like Family Connections Center, Community Youth Connections Project and Legal Advocacy.

Youth Support Services Provided by FosterAdopt Connect

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Community Connections Youth Project®

Young adults who have aged out foster care without loving support can find help learning and navigating the path to independent adulthood.

Legal Advocacy

We all make mistakes and young adults who have experienced trauma can find extra support when confronted with legal barriers to future success.

Direct Behavioral Healthcare

Break through the complexities of behavioral health care needed for foster and adopted children with this membership service, which considers the full scope of a child’s life while providing medical care.

Additional Youth Support Resources

Tobey’s Story

Aging out of foster care means the system has failed a child. Every child deserves a safe, loving family and by nature of aging out, they can be left on their own without resources to navigate the transition into adulthood.

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