In a year marked by difficulties and division, my bet is that we can still agree that all kids deserve a happy childhood.

Right now in Kansas and Missouri, 20,718 children are in foster care after suffering abuse and neglect. While they might now be physically safe, these children still have a long road ahead to finding the emotional healing that comes through love and stability.

When we come alongside children on their journey in foster care, we can help sow healing and growth, which will have a lifelong impact on these vulnerable young lives. With your help, FosterAdopt Connect will show boys and girls who are hurting that a happy childhood is possible because someone like you truly cares.

This Christmas, give hope to the kids who need it the most.

 – Lori Ross, President and CEO


Please consider investing in happier childhoods through a gift, in whatever amount you can afford, to FosterAdopt Connect. Any donation you send is greatly appreciated and put to good use. In the video below, Olivia shares about the hope that comes from love and stability.