National Adoption Month is here and it is the perfect time to celebrate your family. Here are seven ways you can celebrate with your loved ones this November.

1. Spread Awareness
Share your own posts or those from family members, organizations, and others who have experienced adoption. First-hand accounts help those who may not understand the struggles of adoption. Whether experiencing adoption through the foster care system, or any other means, adoption brings a unique set of challenges and beauty that can only be expressed by those who have lived through them.

2. Celebrate your child
Whether your child is a different race than you, comes from a different area or has connections to their past, this is a great time to celebrate them. Cook a meal that’s important to their culture. Visit with family members and friends. Let them know that they are valued, loved, and that every part of their life is important, not just the time spent in your home.

3. Write a thank you note
What better way to remember your child’s adoption than to thank the individuals who helped along the way. In every adoption there are case workers, attorneys, advocates and many more who were integral in creating your family. It will encourage them as they serve more families and will remind you of the incredible journey you’ve completed.

4. Educate yourself and others
Knowing how to address and discuss adoption with your child is important and empowering. Research in books, articles, and classes pertaining to the struggles that an adopted child can experience to gain a deeper understanding. Share these resources with your family, friends, and whoever is willing to learn.

5. Watch Movies
There are many lists of movies that feature adopted children. When it comes to children, representation matters, and seeing an adopted child like them on screen saving the day carries significance. Click here for a few suggestions of movies you can watch with your kids.

6. Donate or volunteer to local organizations
Especially now, organizations are struggling to keep their services active, and loyal donors are the only way they can continue to help families. Adoptive families need this support to help the children in their lives. Consider donating to agencies like FosterAdopt Connect and start making a difference in children’s lives today.