Disclaimer: All names and images have been changed to protect people’s identities.

When one-year-old Raymond came into foster care, his grandparents, Jasper and Solana, hoped to take him in. However, an incident from years ago remained on their criminal history, preventing them from receiving placement. 

Ten years prior, Jasper and Solana were in over their heads with a crippling drug addiction, the same type of addiction that caused their daughter, Raymond’s mother, to lose her son. At the time, they were the caregivers for their granddaughter, Sofia, who passed away in a tragic accident.

The trauma of this incident haunted the couple every day since. They both immediately went to rehab to get clean and have since maintained a sober lifestyle. They also began receiving regular counseling. Despite years of effort, though, the memory of little Sofia’s death still filled them with guilt. Raising Raymond could be their second chance to give a child a loving family, thought Jasper and Solana. They adored their grandson and wanted to do right by him, but now they would never get the opportunity. 

Through our Advocacy program, we worked to prove that Jasper and Solana were, in fact, safe caregivers for Raymond.  

Our advocates visited Jasper and Solana’s home numerous times to do safety checks. We also connected them with resources to fix up the house and make it extra safe for a baby. However, the Children’s Division of Social Services refused to even grant them visitation rights. Sometimes, in moments of doubt, Jasper and Solana would wonder if maybe Raymond wasn’t better off without them in his life. 

Even if Raymond couldn’t live with his grandparents, we wanted him to at least be able to visit them. For a foster child, having the active involvement of family members can be so valuable.   

With our sustained efforts and the involvement of Jasper and Solana’s therapist, the couple was granted an overnight visit: Raymond would stay with them at Christmas. After the overnight was a success, Jasper and Solana were offered weekly visits with their grandson.  

Though Raymond was living full-time in a foster home, the couple cherished the regular visits they were allowed. All the while, we continued to advocate for Jasper and Solana and their ability to care for Raymond. They bent over backwards to demonstrate that they were ready, and finally, the judge agreed that the best place for Raymond was with his grandparents. Jasper and Solana were awarded placement. 

The couple had fought and prayed for this moment, and now that it had arrived, they couldn’t quite believe it. As Jasper held Raymond in his arms, he felt his heart swelling with joy and love, and knew that he would do anything to protect his grandson.  

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