Tierra was in a difficult spot. In her early thirties and raising four kids on her own, she felt like she was drowning, and that there was no way she could raise them by herself. After posting about her situation on social media, an acquaintance recommended FosterAdopt Connect’s Fostering Prevention program.

Fostering Prevention exists to help struggling parents with the challenges they are facing, and ultimately to retain custody of their children in situations where they may be headed toward being removed from the home. Its aim is to not have to get Children’s Division involved at all and is open to parents who want to refer themselves or external referrals. For Tierra, it ended up being just what she needed.

“One thing that caught my eye is they’re not automatically trying to take kids from their parents, the goal is to provide resources to keep families together,” she said.

Tierra’s caseworker was able to connect her to a host of resources, including mental health care, daycare options, and job leads. FosterAdopt Connect provided clothing for job interviews along with Uber cards to help her get her to her new job for the first couple of weeks when she was hired. Her caseworker also gave her leads on things like Easter egg hunts and other free activities for her kids.

“My caseworker is very sweet and nice,” she said. “Being able to speak with another black mother was very important to me. I felt comfortable because even though I’m a single parent and their father isn’t in their lives, I know that sometimes I have to make my own village. I didn’t feel ashamed or anything like that at all.”

Tierra now works at a job that she loves, and is in two parent support groups that she says make her feel less alone, and as though she has that village that she always wanted.

“I love everything about this program,” Tierra said. “I definitely feel I have a lot more confidence. I have a lot more resources and knowledge, and a lot more patience. If you truly want to work the program and do the work that it offers, it gives you the confidence that you can be a good parent.”

For more information about Fostering Prevention, or to refer yourself or someone else,