Disclaimer: All names and images have been changed to protect people’s identities.

When Millie was a child, her mother solicited her for sex.  

The sexual abuse Millie experienced was left untreated as she grew into adulthood. She never spoke about her childhood or went to therapy. She spent years avoiding her trauma, and as a result, it never healed.  

Trauma in families is often cyclical. When it came to light that Millie’s own daughter, Jess, had been sexually abused by a friend’s father, Millie was overcome with guilt. She realized that she had never dealt with her own childhood abuse, and that was hindering her ability to be a good mother to Jess. 

Our specialists in Fostering Prevention have been a consistent support to Millie, encouraging her to attend therapy and stick with it long-term.  

While initially we were paying for Millie’s therapy, we’ve since helped her rearrange her budget in order to take responsibility for the payment. Since receiving professional treatment, Millie has made great strides in her ability to communicate with and care for her daughter, as well as advocate for her own needs. Millie’s daughter is benefitting from therapy as well.  

As Millie worked to improve her mental health, she found it easier to address other areas of improvement. The family’s living environment had long reflected the chaos of their lives, so we assisted Millie in cleaning up and reorganizing her home.  

Millie and Jess’s situation can’t be fixed overnight, but together, they are working toward healing, building a stronger mother-daughter relationship, and ending the cycle of trauma.  

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