(All names and photos have been changed to protect privacy) Ashley and James, parents of two children under the age of 8, were in a very low place in their lives and were struggling to keep their home in order. They were neglecting themselves and it was rubbing off on their children. While this type of behavior is not enough to have children removed from one’s home, it certainly is a slippery slope that can lead to disaster.  

Fortunately, Ashley and James had the courage to accept help from the Fostering Prevention Program at FosterAdopt Connect. They sat down with the parents and helped them set goals to move in a positive direction and set a positive example for their children.    

As the visits continued, the family continued to thrive. Ashley and James’ moods drastically increased, previously unlivable rooms became neat and tidy, and their daughter’s hair went from short and unfixed to beautiful long braids.

Ashley says, “Since you’ve (Fostering Prevention Program) been coming here, everything has been getting better.” Ashley and James’ commitment to their family and home is a shining example of the types of people helped by the Fostering Prevention Program.  

They even gave the specialists a grand tour during their most recent visit, showing off her newly cleaned home and her happy family. Because of Ashley and James’s hard work in the program, their kids will now grow up in a clean and positive space to learn, live and love.  

Ashley, James, and the kids even reconnected with family members with whom they previously lost touch. Building this support system is so vitally important in the lives of a young family.  

The trauma that a child experiences when being removed from their home and family can be intense and permanent. The Fostering Prevention program at FosterAdopt Connect helps families to solve problems at home, school, or wherever before extreme measures need to be taken. Click here to learn more about the program.