FosterAdopt Connect Receives $15,000 from Healthy Blue for Social and Mental Support, Employment, Housing, and Education Resources for Foster Children and their Families 

KANSAS CITY — FosterAdopt Connect received $15,000 from Healthy Blue to support foster and adopted children and their families in Kansas City and the surrounding area. The funding will provide FosterAdopt Connect with resources to further enhance their Community Connections Youth Project (CCYP) supporting teens and young adults as they transition into adulthood through social support, employment, housing, education, and physical and mental health assistance. 

FosterAdopt Connect is a local non-profit organization that supports foster families and children coming into the child welfare system 

“We understand the unique needs of those impacted by child welfare,” said Bethany Duber with FosterAdopt Connect. We work to make sure every child has a bright future in the home of a loving, safe, family. We are grateful for Healthy Blue’s partnership as we continue to guide our foster families on a path of success toward better outcomes. 

Youth who age out of foster care without family support face unique struggles. Forty-two percent will be convicted of a crime, twenty percent are instantly homeless, and seventy percent of girls who age out are pregnant by age twenty-one 

“Healthy Blue remains focused on finding solutions for foster and adopted children and their families to further our commitment of improving lives and communities,” said Jeff Davis, Healthy Blue Interim President. “Supporting foster youth transitioning into adulthood with education support, employment opportunities, housing resources, and social and mental guidance are essential components to finding stability and leading a productive and healthy lifestyle. Healthy Blue is proud to work with FosterAdopt Connect and impact more foster youth and families through the Community Connections Youth Project.”