Stephanie Swanstone and Michael Jacobs began fostering in 2016 in their little three bedroom home. They quickly made room for five children, insisting they would always have as many as the State of Missouri would allow.

Stephanie and Michael’s first placement was a nineteen year old female who they assisted in establishing a life plan for after high school. They remained in her life even after she transitioned to independence and consider her young baby to be their first grandchild.

After caring for a little girl who responded to her experienced trauma with violence and uncontrollable outbursts, they completed additional training and no longer shy away from “difficult placements.”

Since then they have had numerous emergency placements and have successfully reunified many children, all while desiring a permanent family of their own.

After moving twice to new homes to accommodate the maximum number of placements Stephanie and Michael were allowed to take, they were granted legal guardianship of a teenage girl who was determined to run away and disrupt until she accepted the love they gave her. They then were granted legal guardianship of a 12 year old boy who they help stay in touch with biological family. On December 12, 2019, Stephanie and Michael adopted a sibling set of four. This new family of eight continues to offer respite care for foster families in their community!

The picture above is their beautiful, permanent family.