​While becoming licensed as foster parents, Ryan and Hallie McCord learned about a young girl with special needs in need of an adoptive home. Ryan and Hallie decided to pray about taking her as placement. After discussing it with their family, they discovered that their children knew the child’s current foster family and had interacted with the child through an event at a church they had recently visited. The McCord’s felt that God was leading them to learn more about this child, so they began visiting with her and providing respite for her in their home. The couple’s children have been supportive and excited about gaining a sister. They enjoy spending time with her, including her in their activities and helping to care for her physical needs.

Over the past three months, Ryan and Hallie have done extensive work on their home to make it wheelchair accessible for their future foster/adoptive daughter. They have spent hours widening doorways, updating flooring, adding ramps, and finding storage for all of the child’s medical equipment. They have attended doctor’s appointments, team meetings and support groups to help better prepare them to care for her.

Ryan and Hallie kept open minds and hearts through this experience and are an amazing example of how the foster care journey can take you places you never imagined. Ryan, Hallie, and their three children embraced this process and are so excited to have this young girl in their home permanently. Even the family dog has found a new “favorite” person in their foster daughter.