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While many families are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic, foster and kinship families are particularly vulnerable. FosterAdopt Connect is grateful Kansas City-based sports marketing company Integrity 9 is finding ways to support the community. During National Foster Care Month, the company donated prepaid debit cards to 250 FosterAdopt Connect families to relieve some of the burden of caring for children during a crisis.

“COVID-19 has brought to light the best and the worst of most things. It has laid bare the ways in which our most at-risk kids and families are deeply impacted by the problems that affect our society. Integrity 9 found a way to help kids and families fill in gaps in the most needed areas of life during this difficult crisis. Kids were helped to access school online, groceries were paid for when parents were laid off or suffered from reduced hours/income, older youth fixed broken cars or paid for the gas to get to work at that ‘essential’ job in childcare or fast food. These kids and families, often overlooked by much of society, have found true support in the kindness and grace of Integrity 9. We couldn’t be more grateful!” – Lori Ross, Chief Executive Officer at FosterAdopt Connect