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Community Connections Youth Project®

Easing the Transition Into Adulthood

Transitioning into adulthood after time spent in foster care without being reunified or adopted into a family is fraught with hurdles and made even more difficult to overcome without the support of someone who cares. On average, of youth who age of out foster care without family support:

  • 42% will be convicted of a crime
  • 20% are instantly homeless
  • 70% of girls are pregnant by age 21
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Connecting Foster Youth With Invaluable Resources

FosterAdopt Connect’s Community Youth Connections Project® (CCYP) helps older foster youth navigate the struggles of being thrust into adulthood with no resources or support system. As foster care alumni, our case managers offer a unique perspective on how to transition from foster care into adulthood because they have experienced the transition out of foster care themselves.

We help connect youth to resources in several areas including housing, higher education, employment, healthcare, finances, social supports, transportation, legal advocacy, and more. Our goal is to see young adults find stable housing, secure employment, and necessary skills to thrive in adulthood.

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CCYP assists young adults with:

Social Support

We invest in connecting young adults to long-lost family members and friends to find those who will come alongside the youth and celebrate with them in life’s milestones into adulthood.


Landing a job is a combination of a professional resume, ability to complete applications, interviewing, and access to quality employment services. We help every step of the way to that steady paycheck.

Basic Needs

Becoming an adult can be overwhelming. Our food pantry and clothing closet help meet the most basic needs. We also provide assistance in obtaining a driver’s license and navigating legal entanglements.


Finding permanent housing can be difficult. We assist young adults with HUD applications, apartment hunting, moving, and budgeting.

Physical/Mental Health

We provide assistance in finding a primary care physician, understanding how Medicaid works, and accessing therapy, medical, or pharmaceutical care.


We help young adults make informed decisions about their higher education goals. We advise on career assessment, ACT prep, trade school enrollment, and financial aid. We even go on college visits!.

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