Community Connections Youth Project™ (CCYP) targets current and former foster youth, ages 17-26, as they transition from foster care to independence as adults, connecting them to community-based resources.

Community Connections Youth Project™ (CCYP) is a new service being piloted by FosterAdopt Connect that seeks to provide voluntary, strength-based case management services for youth who are in the process of aging-out of foster care, and do not have a large number of connections relatives, kin, or other positive/supportive adult role models.  Participating youth receive assistance in finding housing, jobs, healthcare coverage, crisis-intervention services, educational assistance, identification and driver's licenses, birth certificates and other essential elements/indicators of independence and adulthood.

The overall goal of CCYP™ is to assist these young people (aged 17-26) achieve the short-term goals that pave the way for future success, and a lifetime of positive outcomes. This new service began taking clients in September 2015, and is quickly proving to be an integral element of the overall continuum of care that seeks to serve youth who have suffered incredible abuse and neglect. 


For more information, contact Nathan Ross.