Give Joy Family FAQ

* What are the eligibility requirements?

Any foster, adoptive, or relative family in Missouri can sign up for this program. We ask that participants not be in other holiday gift assistance programs.

* Is there a limit to how many children one family can sign up?

Nope. We know there are BIG families out there – a few of those family members work for us! Our form goes up to 25 child entries, but if you need more, just contact us. Note: The children must be yours (bio, foster, adopted, relative, etc.) and live at least part-time in your home. They must be 18 or younger; if older than 18, they must still be in high school.

* What if I get a new placement after registration closes?

Please contact us! We will make sure no one is left out. Email seth.emery@fosteradopt.org. or call 816-350-0215.

* Is this program only for foster/adopted kids?

We will serve all children in your household, including biological kids.

* How many gifts do the kids get?

We will do our very best to make sure each child receives three gifts at a minimum, but we can’t guarantee the amount.

* Can I ask for specific items?

Yes, and we will request specific items from our donors, but we can’t guarantee they will be purchased.

* What are experience gifts?

We know families need time together, so we give you the option of requesting experience gifts instead of material items. Think of something your family likes doing together – riding roller coasters at Worlds of Fun? Going out to eat at a favorite restaurant? Playing paintball or renting canoes? Our donors can purchase gift cards or tickets to give to families for these experiences.

* Where and when do we pick up the gifts?

Independence/KC families will pick up gifts from a centralized location. All gifts must be picked up December 8 from 8 AM to noon. We’ll send the address of the distribution center closer to that date. Gifts will be stored offsite, not at the office. Chillicothe families will pick up gifts on December 12. We’ll send more details closer to that date.

* Can I sign up as a family and as a donor?

Absolutely! We encourage families to give back however they are able. If you’d like to donate gifts, shop for a child or family, or give a monetary donation, you can sign up at the same url: fosteradopt.org/givejoy.