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Rapid Reunification

Keeping Biological Families Together

Life events can sometimes spiral towards unintended outcomes and hurt children and families. With quick intervention and critical support, families can return to a path of stability and healing. This is critical because every child deserves to be raised in the context of family and research shows that children have better outcomes when they are with their birth family. FosterAdopt Connect’s Rapid Reunification program is an immediate, short-term resource for biological families whose children are coming into foster care for the first time or for parents who have had children in the child welfare system for 1+ years and parents are ready to engage in needed services.

rapid reunification foster families

Rapid Reunification assists families with:

Social Support

Identification of pre-existing social supports or assistance in the creation of new support
systems, including friends, family, and local support groups.


Assistance in searching for employment, practicing interview skills, and developing transportation plans so jobs can fit the family budget, complement the children’s school schedule, and are conveniently located.


Instruction of “nurturing parenting” courses that address parenting styles, effective communication with children, appropriate disciplinary techniques, and more.


Assistance in locating and maintaining housing, which includes creating a budget, securing furniture, learning proper cleaning techniques, and using grocery shopping skills.


Support in attending physical and psychiatric/psychological evaluations and maintaining medication compliance.


Support in identifying schools, navigation enrollment, establishing educational services, and securing bus transportation.

Rapid Reunification Success Story

Unfortunately, sometimes when found in a difficult situation, one must make the best “bad” choice and that can lead to tough consequences. A young boy entered FosterAdopt Connect’s Family Connections Center due to lack of parental supervision. As our Rapid Reunification team began working with his mother, they witnessed the strong, loving bond between them. The mother was facing charges for child endangerment and had a steep list of requirements to meet before her son could return home.

The mother worked diligently with the Rapid Reunification team to secure employment, complete all the program requirements, and visit her son daily. Because of this, when our Family Liaison advocated in court for the charges to be dropped, the judge granted a continuance with the chance to have all charged removed upon completion of the Rapid Reunification program and reunification with her son.

The mother completed the court’s requirements, found housing, secured suitable employment, and reunified more than two weeks earlier than expected!

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