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Supporting Families Who Raise Families

FosterAdopt Connect provides kinship support for grandparents, relatives, and other caregivers who are providing the children they love with a nurturing and loving home. We believe that the best place for a child is with family or close loved ones. However, caring for children unexpectedly can be overwhelming. We offer one-on-one kinship support from a team experienced in finding solutions and community resources to help them succeed.

kinship navigator program missouri

We connect kinship providers to resources such as:





Community Supports

Legal Referrals

Educational Assistance


Enhanced Social Supports

And Much More!

We take time to answer questions such as:

I need a larger home to raise my nephews. Is this even possible?

My grandson is getting in trouble at school. What do I do?

When I need help, who do I call?

How can I get my teenage grandson to help around the house?

How do I become my granddaughter’s legal guardian?

I’m struggling with my family members. What do I do?

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Ashlynn Stiles

Kinship Navigator Program Manager