Maria is a very funny, entertaining, and intelligent fourteen-year-old. Others would say that Maria has the following strengths: She has a great smile, is loyal, advocates for others, honest, cooperative, and puts forth good effort, she can be gentle, loving, and helpful. In Maria’s free time you can find her drawing, listening to music, watching anime, or watching her favorite Netflix series “Riverdale.” She loves to paint and enjoys a good art project. Maria takes pride in her appearance, appreciates good fashion, and loves going to Taco Bell. Her favorite genre of music is Hip-Hop/Rap. As far as dancing, Maria knows countless TikTok dances and could probably teach a move or two. Her favorite snacks are Takis or any other hot chip, and her favorite color is Black.

Maria is currently in the 8th grade for the 2021-2022 school year. Maria learns best in school through one-on-one teaching and enjoys classes like art. When Maria was asked what makes you most proud, she stated “when I get A’s & B’s.”

Maria would thrive in a structured, consistent, and nurturing home with support and love instilled in her daily routine. She would benefit most from a family who is understanding, can provide for her emotionally, and will be supportive of her maintaining sibling relationships

For further information on Maria please contact:
Dejaneara Carter
30 Days to Family Specialist/Extreme Family Finder
FosterAdopt Connect
18600 E 37th Terrace S, Independence, MO, 64057
Phone: 816-601-2160
E-mail: dejaneara.carter@fosteradopt.org

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