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Justice and Jaiden

Spirited sister-brother pair, Justice and Jaiden, seek a structured, loving home together.

Pink and purple are two of Justice favorite colors! Storytelling is one of her natural gifts. If she could handpick her superpowers, she would hope to be able to skip to the front of the line by freezing people. Justice is happy to spend time outdoors and likes listening to rap music. Cheerleading is one activity that she loves being able to participate. Watching TV will fit the bill when she needs a relaxing activity. Described as sweet, strong-willed, and kind, she has positive relationships with adults and peers. Justice does well in school and is now in the seventh grade.

Playing outside is pure joy to Jaiden! Whatever the activity outside, this kiddo is likely to be counted in. Jaiden loves playing sports and with Nerf toys. Going to McDonald’s is great for Jaiden. Football season means he is added to the cheering section for the KC Chiefs. Funny and kind, Jaiden enjoys playing with his peers and can form positive connections with adults. Jaiden is in the fifth grade. Science class is always exciting for him.

For more information about Justice and Jaiden, please contact:

Olivia Patterson, Extreme Family Finding
18600 E 37th Terr S
Independence MO 64057
Work: (816) 381-7445
Email: Olivia.patterson@fosteradopt.org

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