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Meet Julian, a smart and resilient young boy! Julian’s favorite school subjects are math and science. When you ask Julian where in the world he would like to visit, his reply would be inside of his head so he could see what his brain looks like. In Julian’s free time you can find him enjoying the outdoors. From exploring what the outdoors has to offer to playing with his race cars on a homemade course. If he is not outside, he probably wants to be cuddled up with his blanket reading his favorite book series, A to Z mysteries.

Julian says his favorite holiday is Christmas as he loves a good surprise! Julian has a wealth of knowledge about cars whether it be motorized, remote, or toy figurines. You can see his imagination run wild when he is building with his Legos. Julian would thrive in a two parent house hold with very few siblings, if any.

If you would like to learn more about Julian, please contact:
Olivia Patterson, Extreme Family Finding
FosterAdopt Connect
18600 E 37th Terrace S.
Independence, MO 64057
Work: (816) 381-7445
Email: Olivia.patterson@fosteradopt.org

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