Aurora and Sunset

Aurora & Sunset

Sunset and Aurora are twins who love to do everything together. Purple is Aurora’s favorite color! Singing and writing are two things that she is fantastic at and enjoys doing. Aurora is also keen on dancing and listening to music. Social media and hanging out with friends are the top priority of her free time. Watermelon is a food she always enjoys. When considering her future, she wants to be a chef or become a YouTuber that showcases their cooking. A “peacemaker,” Aurora is known for her calm and caring demeanor. She relishes opportunities to be around adults and gets along with peers.

Elephants are Sunset’s most-loved animal! Dancing and music are some of her favorite things. Sunset feels joy when singing and dancing, and drawing realistic sketches. Purple is her first picked color, and she loves eating spaghetti and drinking Sprite. Sunset is always up for a hangout session with friends and enjoys social media. The ability to read minds would be the perfect superpower for this teen. Adults and peers have beneficial interactions with this smart and caring girl. Along with going to college, Sunset aspires to be an actress.

If you would like to learn more about Aurora and Sunset,
please contact:

Olivia Patterson, Extreme Family Finding
18600 E. 37th Terrace S.
Independence, MO 64057
Work: (816) 381-7445
Email: Olivia.patterson@fosteradopt.org

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