Transracial/Transcultural Adoption Policy & Practice with the Donaldson Adoption Institute

Drawing on her own personal experience, professional expertise, and the latest research, April Dinwoodie, Chief Executive with the Donaldson Adoption Institute, joined us on Sept. 17 to talk about best practices in transracial/transcultural adoption policy. Listen Now

Targeted Foster Family Recruitment with Denise Goodman, PhD

Children of color are disproportionately represented in the child welfare system. At the same time, most foster families do not reflect the same racial and ethnic diversity as the children in their care. Denise Goodman joined us on our Sept. 10 show to talk about best practices in targeted family recruitment that involve more focused

A Parent’s Perspective on Transracial Adoption with Sue Badeau

National trainer, speaker, and author Sue Badeau (along with her husband Hector) is the parent of 22 children by birth and adoption, and has cared for more than 50 children through foster care and juvenile justice. She joined us on September 3 to talk about transracial adoption through the lens of her lived experience mixed